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Participating in Styled Photoshoots: Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Feb 7

Styled photoshoots are getting more popular everyday and there are things you must keep an eye out for when considering joining one.

Everyone has their own practices when planning these events. Your job is to follow these tips amongst others to make your experience the best possible.

DO Tip #1 - Converse with everyone

Not only should you converse with the planner of the styled photoshoot, but reach out to the vendors, models, and photographers. This will build a more comfortable interaction when meeting them in person and have something for you to talk about on the day of.

DO Tip #2 - Read your contract carefully

A contract ensures all parties understand what they're agreeing to and that there's no room for misinterpretation. Ensure that everything you were promised verbally appears in writing & never accept a verbal agreement. Make sure all blank spaces are filled in or crossed out before signing.

Remember that you can negotiate on certain things and reach out if there is anything you are unsure about. Understand what should be included, and what's missing. When in doubt, ask questions or take it to your attorney to review.

DO Tip #3 - Join groups with others alike

To find styled shoots and connect with others, join multiple styled photo shoot groups like the ones below!

Now, let's talk about the Don'ts.

DON'T Tip #1 - Put the models in awkward positions

This tip is not only here, but inside "Planning Styled Photoshoots: Do's and Don'ts" because I feel it applies to both the planner and the participant.

Models already deal with enough in the industry, so please just try to make their experience enjoyable on your part and eliminate the insane poses unless it's their idea. Believe it or not, they know what they're doing. So, let them do their thang, ok?

DON'T Tip #2 - Touch the models

Ask for consent. Do I really have to go into detail? Oh yes, because I am posting this tip for a reason.

If a model has a smudge on their face, or their bra strap is hanging down, etc., DON'T fix it without asking first! Most of the time, they will do it themselves. If they want you to, they will give you permission or ask.

This tip is not only here, but inside "Planning Styled Photoshoots: Do's and Don'ts" because I feel it applies to both the planner and the participant.

DON'T Tip #3 - Get scammed

In my “Planning Styled Photoshoots: Do's and Don'ts” blog post, I have a tip that explains not to scam people as a styled shoot planner. So, I’m now here to give tips on what you should do before committing to one.

Styled shoots are an investment for yourself and your work. Make sure you communicate with the planner and set your expectations with them to avoid false advertising.

Ask questions, and I mean a lot of them.

Such as:

  • Have you planned a styled shoot before?

  • Could I see images of the said past styled shoot(s) you've put on?

  • Could I see reviews from participants from your past events?

  • Could I see an itemized summary of costs for this event to see what the ticket costs are going towards?

  • Is there a contract? (If not, RUN!)

  • Could I have a list of the models & vendors and their socials?

  • How will I be credited for this event?

No question is dumb, just ask!

That's a wrap.

Have another tip you don't see here? Reach out and let me know!

Feedback is also much appreciated.

With love,


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