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My name is Marissa


I am a makeup artist, wedding planner, coordinator, director, and more!

I’ve loved makeup for as long as I can remember.
My mother would tell you that I gravitated towards her red lipstick any chance I had when I was just a little girl.
I’ve not only been experimenting with makeup on myself, but I was known for my makeup looks in my high school years, so I was the go-to who did everyone’s makeup for all special occasions for my friends and family.
I have been doing makeup professionally since my (then) tattoo artist, now close friend asked me to be her MUA in June of ‘19. Since then, I’ve done makeup not only for weddings, but for homecoming, prom, drag shows, and more! 

What's inside the makeup kit:
I can proudly say my kit consists of only vegan and cruelty-free products. I also use sensitive skin products to help with psoriasis, eczema, and more.

Not shortly after my success with makeup, I felt I could do more with my talents.

Storm Styled and its company specializes not only in makeup applications, but event & wedding planning, coordinating events, and more.
Event planning and coordinating became a natural passion for me when I planned and executed my first wedding photo shoot back in August '21. Since then I’ve gained another passion. Being able to follow an event through from start to finish considering all of the very small and big details that go into it is so special to me. It’s even more special that I get to do it over and over again and bring others visions to life without them having to stress at all because I’m there to assist and de-stress the entire way.


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Let’s talk about what else I do!

The Staged Event became a sister company of Storm Styled once I realized I loved directing photo shoots and creating an idea into a reality.
You can call these events styled photo shoots. I created these to get exposure for my wedding business, but I eventually saw I could do something more with it. TSE is now a well-known company that plans, directs, and hosts events for photographers and other vendors in the industry.

Sundry Wardrobe became my third company after I had a room full of attire, props, furniture, and other items I accrued along the way from my events. So, now, I rent out items to creatives for their own events!

Until then, who knows, I might just have another idea brewing..

Let’s connect! I’d love to hear from you.

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